September 2, 2016

Personnel Investigation

With talent hunt & recruitment becoming a challenging task for companies to handle & the increasing flurry of cases of fraud, incorrect credentials being submitted & positions obtained through unlawful means, companies have begun to look for trustworthy partners to outsource this critical function.

AFL associates helps companies focus on their key business areas by providing complete staff vetting service.

We provide ‘Personnel Investigation’ for pre–employment checks that covers qualification & background checks of the proposed employee. These checks include not just identity or credential verification but involve a comprehensive verification of the proposed employee’s legal, criminal, financial backgrounds. Our employment screening services also extend to getting a go-ahead from various Indian as well as Global regulatory bodies to ensure a 100% validation.

Our Pre–Employment Screening includes:

  • CV or profile check
  • Prior Employment verification
  • Back Ground Screening
  • Academic Qualification Verification
  • Gap Check
  • Address Verification
  • Identification Proof Verification
  • References’ Credential Checks
  • Financial Check / Credit default Check
  • On line Database Searches
  • Civil Litigation and Criminal Check / Police Record Verification
  • Indian National Identity Check
  • Indian Regulatory Authorities Database Check
  • Indian Credit and Integrity Risk Database Check
  • Global Regulatory, Compliance and Criminal Database Check

The above services are offered on a case-to-case basis & wherever applicable. We also offer background screening & verification for existing staff. This ensures that the existing staff also remains compliant to the company’s employment policies.

We also offer specialized screening & investigation services for for key positions like directors or 3rd party vendors/contractors.

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