September 2, 2016

Event Management

The rise of social media has created a virtual world where updates about personal & professional life happen every minute. AFL utilizes the power of social media to promote your brand, product or service.

Our strong Public Relations Management would help you to reach your target audience instantly & effectively.

We use various media for promotions –

  • Print (Newspaper/magazine/books)
  • Electronic (TV/Radio)
  • Internet/Social Media

Our promotion services –

  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Design
  • Marketing through various media
  • Marketing in key or closed groups
  • Feedback consolidation or campaign success measurement
  • Organizing various events

Events Management –

In continuation with our PR activities, we plan and organize various events for promotion of your brand, product or service and even for social & corporate gatherings. We offer a wide range of expertise in this area for –

  • Personal events (birthdays, parties, celebrations)
  • Corporate (conference, fair)
  • Private exhibitions & meetings (closed groups)
  • Book promotions or launch

We provide –

  • Event Planning
  • Food and Logistics management
  • Location preparation for sound & seating
  • Location co-ordination and surveillance
  • Safety set up
  • Program conduction & co-ordination
  • Co-ordination with gift providers
  • PR management