September 2, 2016

Our Profile

AFL associates is a subsidiary of ‘Atindra Foodstuff Limited. Atindra Foodstuff Limited was incorporated on 9th of January 2013 and it is registered at RoC-Gwalior. Atindra Foodstuff Limited manufactures best quality corrugated boards, rolls, boxes and paper bags. Atindra Foodstuff supplies its products to India’s reputed breweries like United Spirits Ltd. and Aegis Beverages.

AFL associates is a result of 4 years of research & collaboration. With increasing functions & De-centralized ones at that, businesses are finding it particularly challenging to focus on risk mitigation in the areas of personnel & vendor interaction or supply. Hence, AFL associates was founded in 2015 to cater to a wide range of audience looking for services in risk mitigation.

Beginning with personnel verification, we have forayed into many other areas where the skills and expertise of our diversified management team are put to the best of the client’s advantage. Due Diligence, Financing, Insurance and allied investigations on financing or insurance claim disbursement checks also form a part of our service bouquet.

Our team has a strong experience in the areas of Credit, Supply, Handling litigation or legal cases, people management & verification. This is the basis of coming up with an umbrella of allied services under the brand ‘AFL’ where individuals, businesses and organizations will find services suited to their needs.

Of late, we have added ‘Event Management’ to our offerings. Our strong management background and relationship with vendors supports this vertical.

Our differentiators –

  • Providing comprehensive Legal, Investigation & Verification services nationwide.
  • ‘Success of our clients’, being our mission, we have a customer-centric approach to projects.
  • Best quality, experienced and diversified team that is the backbone of our gamut of services.
  • Efficient processes that¬†enhance ease of working for our clients and produce real-time result.